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Dwarf Fortress 2014 (nome provvisorio anche se probabile)

Finalmente l'oracolo ha parlato, presto, tra meno di due mesi probabilmente, metteremo le nostre zampacce sulla nuova versione di Dwarf Fortress.

Ecco il changelog con tutte le novità aggiunte:

This is the changelog for the version of Dwarf Fortress following 0.34.11th
Release was originally predicted March 2013**, now expected June 2914. (lol note by Raven)

Combat and Movement*

• Movement and Attack speeds have been split
• Reaction moments (catching a swung fist)

Lethality reduction
• No immediate enemy recognition in cities to avoid fights to the death on the street
• Conflicts and conflict levels are tracked (lethal/nonlethal)
• Critters can enter a state of terror from lethal battle, especially if they’re likely to lose
• Enemies can surrender
• Draw and sheath weapons
▬ People in cities won’t appreciate it if your weapon is out.
• Mode can be switched to non-lethal in object testing arena

• Sound indicators/vision cones
• Running, creeping, walking, sneaking, as opposed to just walk and sneak
▬ Need to accelerate
▬ Sharp turns slow you down
• Vampires can sense creatures with blood.
▬ More generally, tags to sense arbitrary creature classes
▬ can be attached via interactions/syndromes

• Creatures leave tracks as they move unless they fly or are ghosts
▬ Track descriptions depend on what  left the track - feet, boots, turbans...
• Tracks can be found in their own vision mode

• Climb up to branches, walls or down to ledges
• Can't climb smoothed walls or ice walls

• Can grab onto tiles when jumping or falling

Entity sites

• Due to spoilers, Toady has revealed nothing about demon sites beyond that he has added them. Sites will contain ample amounts of randomly generated features however.

• Central tower with pits and tunnels underneath
• Connects to first underground layer
• Trenches, tunnel entrances, watchtowers
• Prisons with prisoners and snatched children
• Troll-shearing pits

Elf sites
• Orchards
• Trees with canopies as much as thirty tiles wide

Dwarf Sites
• Hill Dwarves - farms and settlements on or near the surface
• Fortresses - connect surface and first cavern layer
• Deep sites - farms and settlements in the first cavern layer, below mountains
• Noble Hierarchy - the king rules a few dukes who each rule a few counts whose barony often includes a few towns with their own mayors.
• Player fortresses can now be non-destructively retired.*
▬ Retired fortresses behave as NPC fortresses but retain other information
▬ Retired fortresses can be reclaimed.

  • AI can now reclaim sites ruined during worldgen. Both during or after worldgen.
  • All megabeasts can now attack and sometimes occupy civilization sites.
▬ These occupied sites cannot be reclaimed by the AI, but can by the player.*
▬ Retired fortresses can be reclaimed.
  • Civs will now continue to build settlements after worldgen, with some limitations. No roads or markets will be made in these post-worldgen sites
  • Armies inhabiting foreign conquered sites can now alter the sites to some degree.
▬ Goblins will begin building trenches and small towers “in human villages, elf sites and dwarf hill sites that have been taken after some time passes”

Entity Groups  

• Armies now exist on the world map and move about during play, and you can encounter their camps.
• Bandits harass townspeople
• Invaders cause mayhem in conquered sites
▬ Destroyed buildings, killed historical figures, things impaled on upright weapons...
▬ Killing their leader should often get them to leave
• Invaders have camps with tents for soldiers and large tents for their commanders.
• Commanders chased out of their camp try to return due to their responsibility Soldiers patrol the camp, raise the alarm
• Townspeople no longer know exact positions of lairs
• Entities have various “claims” to sites, rather than outright uncontested ownership every time.
• Goblins will hunt down a civilization’s leaders and kill them, instead of just slaughtering indiscriminately.

• Entity positions will be inherited as they do in worldgen.*
• Anyone who gets too old (as defined in the raws for their species) dies.
• Conceptions occur periodically, and schedule a birth to be resolved at the appropriate time.

Personality and Conversation

• Dwarves, and other sentient beings, now have personal values which are based on their cultural values but may deviate.
• Dwarves now have traits which may not be value-neutral.
• Dwarves will have “dreams” or life goals
▬ creation of an artifact
▬ taking over the world.
• People react to death depending on their personal traits
▬ may applaud or call you a murderer and spit at you

Conversation revamp
• Time no longer paused while talking
• Rumors will spread among NPCs, which they can then relay to you.
• Townspeople may lie to you, if their personality supports it.
• New opening paragraph in Adventure mode depending on your starting situation.
• Companions now join for specific purposes, and will leave afterwards.
• Invaders can now jump and climb when assaulting a fortress. Some limitations apply*.  

Multi-tile trees*
• Falling leaves and fruit
• Item clouds/spatter
• Flowers

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